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Proper Support from Day One

Ladies, welcome and congratulations on embarking on your new and rewarding career in law enforcement, where the opportunities are endless. Thanks to those amazing women who have launched incredible careers over the last 112 years paving the way for career-focussed women like you. We want to offer you comfort knowing that you are supported in every way.

CCJA’s Fitness Assessment Unit wants you to know that you are supported through your process. Your CCJA team includes our newest partnership with Ms. Brigitte Lessard-Deyell of for your athletic sports bra needs. Your recruitment process requires that you arrive healthy, educated, and fit-for-duty. In preparation and to ensure you have the proper equipment also means the perfectly designed and fitted sports bra.

Ensuring the well-being of your body during high-impact activities is crucial for achieving desired outcomes and, more significantly, for maintaining overall health and wellness. Alberta's recognized occupational fitness assessments, such as the PARE, COPAT, and APREP tests, serve as benchmarks for evaluating your fitness levels.

Regardless of the test that you are training for; all involve cyclic high-impact loading activities, stair climbing, circuit training, rapid changes in direction, and strength training they all need your best attempts for recruitment. These near-maximal stress activities are a repetitive movement that requires you to be on your best game. The added realities of your career ahead are the duty belt, body armour, and a uniform in all weather circumstances. Even low-impact non-athletic activities such as walking and taking the stairs in this equipment can impact your “fit for duty” body.

A properly fitted sports bra is indispensable, and body support is equally crucial. Well-fitting athletic apparel enables you to stay concentrated during recruitment missions, hours of training, and especially on your crucial testing day. That's why CCJA has collaborated with to offer a service to those dedicated to serving our communities. is the ideal destination to ensure you receive customized gear tailored to your training and testing needs for this remarkable career. Bid farewell to constant adjustments and obstacles while striving to showcase your best assessment time, knowing that every second is

Brigitte, CCJA’s friend and partner has been fitting women of all sizes and athletic abilities to perfection for over 25 years in Calgary. Her infectious personality is inviting and supportive (pun intended). She will have you laughing in no time. Bridget knows what you are facing in training as you embark on the start of your career. The investment in yourself will be worth it. We look forward to being part of your law enforcement journey. Do not forget that you have an experienced group right here for support. Reach out anytime!!

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