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Fitness Testing

The fitness requirements for a career in emergency services is an important stage of recruitment. Your certified Fitness Assessment Unit (FAU) Team will provide coaching, training, and the knowledge required. It is not good enough to "just get through" the fitness assessment but to excel. We will provide the tools and insight needed - this is our commitment to you.

FAU are proud to partner with the following agencies in providing testing:

  • Alberta Justice & Solicitor General Training College

  • Alberta Health Services Protective Services Branch​  



Physical Ability Recruitment Test

The PARE assessment is the standard for federal police, Alberta Sheriff's Branch, Community Peace Officers, several municipal agencies, and the Canadian Border Services Agency. The PARE measures cardiovascular, endurance, and strength. 



Corrections Officer Physical Ability Test 

The COPAT assessment is the standard for Alberta correctional officers and is designed to evaluate the candidate's fitness and physical demands as highlighted in a career in corrections. 

Cross Fit Class

Training for the (POPAT)

Peace Officer Physical Ability Test

The POPAT assessment is the standard recruitment measure for many police agencies in Canada and is designed to test the candidate's readiness for the physical requirements of this dynamic career. 

Coming Soon

Training for the


Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation

The A-PREP assessment is the Alberta provincial standard for municipal police agencies. A-PREP measures the physical suitability of the candidate and is a requirement for recruitment throughout Alberta as well as Ontario agencies.  

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