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Steps required to book PARE Test at CCJA

The PARE (Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation) is a maximal physical exertion test. *A Medical Examination Report is required to be presented before testing. 


  1. Print the Medical Examination document and have it completed by your Physician prior to attending the test date. Bring this document to your Test. Download

  2. Schedule your PARE test appointment 

  3. Complete payment

  4. Attend your scheduled test appointment on time with your documentation

  5. It is recommended that you arrive early, and wear comfortable clothing including wearing good-quality court shoes for grip.

  6. Please Note: It is suggested that you do not consume coffee, energy drinks, or stimulants prior to your testing. You are required to satisfy the blood pressure pre-requisite of less than 160/90 BPM prior to the fitness assessment. You know your body best and what goes into it. Your FAU Team are looking for your very best efforts in your recruitment process. 

  7. If you are needing emergency testing, please contact us. 

***Remember, bring your Medical Examination Report to your Test. There is no refund for missed test appointments or arriving without medical clearance by your physician.***

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