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Consultancy & Services

As leaders within Canadian public safety, the CCJA offers research, planning, and project management for a variety of public sector and non-governmental organizations.

Whether your organization is looking for help with assessment of public safety initiatives, or training, our team can assist.   

Connect with us today to see how we can work together for your safety and security concerns.


Security Sector

Our team has extensive experience working abroad helping our international partners develop their public safety.  Our aim is to share this knowledge and build partnerships throughout the world in contributing to the promotion of human rights, safety, and justice.


Infrastructure and Organizational Security

Rely on our expertise in developing your organizational security, crime prevention strategies, and cyber security, for the safety of your team.  Today's challenges and threats to critical infrastructure are evolving quickly. Our team can help address those challenges and plan your operational security.


Training and Consultancy

Our expertise and continuing research within Canadian public safety agencies provides opportunities to  assist and lead projects within Canada and internationally. Our team provides strategic assistance and project management for initiatives relating to the safety of Canadian citizens and our international partners.

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