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This is your chance to make a DIFFERENCE 

Why Choose CCJA?


WHo Are We?

Our Faculty Team consists of current and retired justice professionals, offering practical experience and expertise to provide our learners with real-world insight into the opportunities and challenges of the criminal justice field, shaping our curriculum accordingly.

REal Lives

CCJA offers a real-world curriculum, designed by justice professionals and approved by the Government of Alberta. This ensures that our learners receive the most relevant and up-to-date education to prepare them for successful careers in the criminal justice field.



CCJA values diversity and inclusivity, preparing learners to effectively engage with diverse populations in the criminal justice system by ensuring classrooms reflect the communities we serve.



CCJA provides counseling and coaching services to support learners in their academic journey. We understand the challenges and stress of pursuing a career in criminal justice and aim to create a supportive environment  for success. 



CCJA prioritizes a research-centered approach to understanding and adapting to evolving criminality. Advisors, faculty, and research shapes our curriculum based on emerging trends and patterns, ensuring our learners have the most current knowledge and skills to address challenges in the criminal justice system

Steps for Application

Step 1. 

  • At least 17 years old at the date of application with the Applicant reaching their 18ᵗʰ birthday before formal studies begin. This “age of majority” is a requirement to access facilities, practicum opportunities, and positions within justice, corrections, public and private policing, and other criminal justice-related areas.

  • Possess a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent to Canadian standards - Learn more 

  • Be a Canadian citizen, or hold a Permanent Resident status with the Government of Canada.

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Step 2

You must submit a preliminary application to become an official candidate for upcoming cohorts.

The Admissions Officer at CCJA will start your admissions process upon receiving the completed application online and have received the non-refundable registration fee. Upon completion, your application along with the eligibility questions will be reviewed. Eligibility will be determined by the Admission’s Officer.

Once approved, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter and be invited to the registration stage.

Eligibility Application fee - $75 + GST

Please note once we have reviewed your qualification you will then be able to move forward with your admission process.


The Application Fee is non-refundable.

Steps for Admissions

Step 4. 

Candidates seeking admission to the Academy require a recommendation from a Distinguished Nomination Officer (DNO). The DNO nomination is crucial, signifying recognition of promising leadership, academic excellence, and commitment. The DNO Officer can be from various sectors, and familiarity of the Registrant  is not required. It is recommended that the Registrant provide a goal-focused cover letter to their DNO Officer that describes the level of commitment to their education and service to their communities. Nomination officials may be invited to Academy events and ceremonies. A nomination is a mandatory requirement to attend CCJA. 

Image by GRAY

Step 5.

Completing a Personal Disclosure Form
and Personal Disclosure Interview

Completing the Personal Disclosure Form and attending the Personal Disclosure Interview is a pre-requisite which reflects the stages to being recruited to a police agency in Alberta. A polygraph is a truth verifier, and the Academy utilizes the results to determine admission into the Diploma of Criminal Justice Program. A certified polygraphist will conduct this examination which will be conducted in Calgary. This is a criminal justice pre-education polygraph and not a criminal investigation. Honesty and thoroughness are the measurables for this important and mandatory step.

Step 6. 

Registration fee due - $625.00 plus GST.

This fee includes your Personal Disclosure Interview and Polygraph Interview.

Taking Notes

Step 7.

Polygraph Interview Conducted

A polygraph is a truth verifier, and an important step in your law enforcement career application. The Academy utilizes the results to determine approval into the Diploma of Criminal Justice Program. A certified polygraphist will conduct this examination. This is a Diploma pre-education polygraph and not a criminal investigation. Honesty and thoroughness are the measurables for this important and mandatory step. Completion of the Personal Disclosure Form (PDF) and successfully completing a polygraph interview is required before the Registrant will be offered a placement to begin formal studies at the Academy.

Step 8.

Required documents include:

  • High School Diploma and Transcripts

  • Copy of the Provincial Driver’s License or Provincial Identification Card

  • Distinguished Nomination Officer (DNO) Letter

  • Completed Personal Disclosure Form

  • Completed Polygraph Examination

  • Any Other Certifications or Documentation

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