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PARE TESTING IN CALGARY – Your Home-Ice Advantage

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The CCJA Fitness Assessment Unit (FAU) is proud to announce that PARE is now available in Calgary. While completing the PARE fitness assessment is a necessary step toward recruitment – it is an important one. You now have PARE being offered in North-East Calgary and we are ready for you. While it is one of the measures required in a police and peace officer recruiting process, there is no more traveling the province for this test.

FAU is here to coach, train, and test how prepared you really are for this amazing career. While I have been around long enough to see fitness testing go from running, military obstacle courses, and several timed laps in a pool, the PARE has occupational science behind it. PARE along with other fitness measures that we offer like COPAT and A-PREP, PARE continue to be the hallmark for fitness testing in Alberta.

The PARE test does require planning, training, and perfect practice. FAU members are here to help you understand and test your abilities at each station, honestly speaking, the Team’s magic is in coaching and training. The Academy’s Fitness Assessment Team is here to remind you that absolutely EVERYTHING is possible. Each FAU member has been selected because of their fitness, education, research backgrounds, and commitment to coaching and training, with several working in justice, military, and enforcement careers. They are here to remind you that it is not good enough to pass the assessment. This is not a checkbox to recruitment. This is a measure of the commitment to yourself, your heart health, and the demands of this amazing career.

CCJA is thrilled to be providing the PARE assessment in the Calgary region. This means a “home-ice advantage” for Candidates to the many emergency and law enforcement agencies requiring PARE. You will arrive well-rested, in familiar territory, your mental rehearsal has been playing in your head, and no more than a few minutes from the agencies that you are applying to. In providing you with this service with qualified staff, it is our goal of the assessment to see the success for our “Candidates of Choice.”


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