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Fitness Assessment
Unit Facilitator

Image by Subhaan Saleem

Soft-skills and the Academy Team

As a team member assessing and coaching Alberta’s newest emergency services candidates is an honour and privilege for us at CCJA.

Your presence in demonstrating a meaningful experience will add to a welcoming start to recruitment and in many cases for our Candidates, a career.

Building the capacity for “Candidates of Choice” is our vision and one that we take very seriously. In being a contributing member of our team we will all:


  • • Provide quality customer service as a representative of the Canadian Criminal Justice Academy

  • • Give attention to detail as it relates to following the testing, coaching, training, administration, and policy

  • • Exercise professional leadership, followership, and ethics with team members, peers, candidates, and self

  • • Apply current and relevant information, research, and trends dedicated to first responder’s fitness, mental and physical health, and wellness


Position Responsibilities:

The tasks of the fitness assessment facilitator are to assist with the training and administer the fitness testing for recruitment. Tests will include, but not limited to the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE), Corrections Officer’s Physical Abilities Test (COPAT), and Police Officer’s Physical Abilities Test (POPAT).

You will collaborate closely with each candidate to ensure they have a clear understanding of what is required throughout the phases and testing. This includes:


  • • Ensure the candidate has provided proof of and can participate in the scheduled assessment. A signed medical clearance from their physician is required. 

  • • Perform pre and post readiness assessment; heart rate and blood pressure, to ensure candidate is cleared to participate in the prescribed assessment.

  • • Perform a demonstration of the safe use and execution of each of the pieces of equipment and the course prior to testing to ensure candidates understand what is required.

  • • Ensure that the Candidates are wearing approved and appropriate fitness testing clothing and shoes for the assessment.

  • • Provide coaching and mentorship during scheduled instruction time-blocks

  • • Respond to and perform First Aid/CPR and apply AED, if required 

Offer for Contract Employment 

Applicants who are selected for the fitness assessment facilitator position, upon successful completion of the training course(s) provided by CCJA and passing the minimum testing standard for the facilitator assessment, will be offered a term contract position with CCJA. A security clearance and vulnerable sector check is required prior to the offer of a contract.


Education, Technical Experience, and Abilities:

  • • A credential from a post-secondary institution or professional association in a related discipline is required

  • • A minimum of 3 years of experience in related field is preferred

  • • Demonstrated public speaking, coaching, and teaching experience is preferred

  • • Ongoing volunteerism is strongly valued asset

  • • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and culture

  • • Current and valid first aid certification to level “C” designation We encourage you to consider joining our team that supports current and future programs and services.


Our commitment to our ‘Candidates of Choice’ means that you will contribute directly to quality education and community service. We take this role seriously and with great pride and honour in the recruiting process for Alberta’s newest Police, Sheriffs, Correctional Officers, and those interested in a justice career.


We are inviting you to submit your resume and cover letter by May 30, 2023

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