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This is your chance to make a difference 

Why Choose CCJA?


WHo Are We?

Our faculty team consists of current or recently retired justice professionals, offering practical experience and expertise to provide students with real-world insight into the challenges of the criminal justice field, shaping our curriculum accordingly.

REal Lives

CCJA offers a real-world curriculum, designed by justice professionals and approved by the Government of Alberta. This ensures that our students receive the most relevant and up-to-date education to prepare them for successful careers in the criminal justice field.



CCJA values diversity and inclusivity, preparing students to effectively engage with diverse populations in the criminal justice system by ensuring classrooms reflect the communities we serve.



CCJAprovides counseling and coaching services to support students in their academic journey. We understand the challenges and stress of pursuing a career in criminal justice and aim to create a nurturing environment for success. 



CCJA prioritizes a research-centered approach to understanding and adapting to evolving criminality. Advisors shape our curriculum based on emerging trends and patterns, ensuring our students have the most current knowledge and skills to address challenges in the criminal justice system

Steps for Admissions

Apply Online 

Completion of the Personal Disclosure Form (PDF) and successfully passes a polygraph interview before formal studies begin.

Prepare all Documents 

* Currently, there is no allowance for international applicants not holding Permanent Resident status.

Apply Now!
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