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Am I Eligibile?

Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply:

At least 17 years old at the date of application with the candidate reaching their 18ᵗʰ birthday before formal studies begin. This “age of majority” is a requirement for access for facilities, practicum opportunities, and positions within corrections, public and private policing, and other criminal justice-related occupations.

Canadian high school diploma graduate or equivalent to Canadian standards (see for more information)

Be a Canadian citizen, or; Hold a permanent resident status with the Government of Canada.

Be nominated through the Distinguished Nominating Officer (DNO) Program.

Completion of the Personal Disclosure Form (PDF) and successfully passes a polygraph interview before formal studies begin.

Demonstrated proficiency in written, oral and comprehension of the English language.

Exhibit a healthy lifestyle and provide a medical release to participate in all physical activities..

* Currently, there is no allowance for international applicants not holding Permanent Resident status.

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