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Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police Officers




You are invited to CCJA’s GuardianFIT, where we are dedicated to preparing you for this important stage to recruitment. This workshop will be rigorous, yet a supportive learning environment, with dedicated professional coaching and guidance, and motivation needed to excel at the PREP assessment for Alberta and Ontario’s police physical fitness standards.


Reasons to Attend:


  1. Experienced Coaching & Guidance: Our instructors are experienced law enforcement professionals and certified fitness trainers who understand the specific demands of police work. They’ll provide you with the coaching and mentoring needed to help you reach and understand your fitness goals.

  2. Comprehensive training: From strength and endurance exercises to agility drills and tactical simulations, A-PREP is specifically designed for all aspects of physical fitness relevant to police work.

  3. Team Champions: Policing is a team effort, and our camp fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among our Candidates. You’ll train and receive coaching alongside peers who share your commitment to personal fitness, providing mutual support and motivation.

  4. Real-World PREP Equipment: Your training includes orientation and training at each of the stations for PREP; the obstacle course and the shuttle run. The same training and equipment used by Alberta’s and Ontario’s police agencies. Your trained staff and testing equipment are right here in Calgary ready to prepare you for the recruiting process. From obstacle courses that simulate pursuits to the shuttle run (or beep test), you’ll gain practical experience required that will enhance your performance with your recruiters.

  5. Personal Development: Beyond the physical benefits, our workshop fosters personal insight and training opportunities well past your time with the Justice Academy. You’ll have the opportunity for follow-up coaching with members of our Fitness Assessment Unit building confidence that will serve you well as you approach your official testing date.

*** No Medical needed**


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